Here are some questions for you:

  • Has your digestion been a little “off” lately?
  • Do you have achy muscles or joints for no good reason?
  • Is your skin dry, flaky, or breaking out?
  • Are you experiencing brain fog, moodiness, or headaches?
  • Have you been holding on to any anger or resentment about something – or someone?

These are all signs that you are holding on to toxicity in your body and the more  it accumulates, the worse things will get.  In fact, along with the added weight and the aches and pains and skin issues, I bet your energy levels are not what they could be and it’s having an impact on your vitality and what you bring into your relationships.

Do you wish you had more energy for your family?

Do you wish you had more energy for your hectic schedule?

And how about energy to accomplish your goals?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just plug ourselves in to a wall socket to recharge every few hours?  It sure would be.   But if we did that, then we’d have even less of a reason to nurture ourselves, and more of a reason to put ourselves last on our “to-do” lists, as some of us usually do.  Do you agree??

If you answered “No” to every one of the above questions, then it’s time to celebrate, because you are one of the few people whose health and vitality are strong, and supporting everything you want to do in life.

On the other hand, if you found yourself saying “Yes” to more than one or two of them, then I have good news for you – a lot of these issues can be addressed effectively with one simple solution – The ClearYou 21-Day Detox.

I’d like to sign up for the ClearYou 21-Day Detox!

Hi, I’m Linda DiBella, PhD, a Certified Health Coach.  I work every day with people who struggle with their weight, fatigue, sugar cravings, and chronic disease.  And I’m happy to report that these stubborn, chronic issues can actually be reversed naturally, and one of the best ways to kickstart the process is by removing the toxins that are causing these problems in the first place so that you body can then begin the healing process.  Your body is an amazing system, if all the individual parts are allowed to do their jobs effectively.  And my ClearYou 21-Day Detox was especially designed to get into every nook and cranny of those parts, get the gunk out so that they can begin to run like new!

Today more than ever, we are exposed to thousands of toxins from our food, air, water, soil, personal care products (among thousands of other chemicals that we come into contact with), and even the emotional stress of daily life itself.

It’s almost impossible to live a ‘clean’ life, no matter how good our food is.  Our systems can still get overloaded with pollutants, and even toxins resulting from normal physiological processes that don’t get flushed out properly.  This is why including a strong detoxification process in our self-care regimen from time to time is so important.  Just like a car’s engine, our bodies need regular “tune ups” to keep firing cleanly and powerfully on all cylinders.

The ClearYou 21-Day Detox will:    

   Help your body safely eliminate   toxins

  Kick-start a healthy weight loss process to shed excess fat

  Improve your digestion

  Boost your energy and vitality

  Give your skin a healthy, natural glow

  Deepen your sleep and improve your mood

  Sharpen your ability to think clearly

  Promote healthy eating habits that will slow down the aging process

Here’s what one participant had to say about the program:

Before working with Linda, I was in need of a complete remake of my nutritional habits. I was lethargic and felt like an uber-blob. I felt bloated in my face and my abdomen all the time.

I chose to work with Linda’s detox program at first to plunge into a better way of eating. What I didn’t know is that I would get so much more than just how to eat better. Her program allowed me to take a long, hard look at my emotions around eating and address these at the same time.

The three most significant improvements I experienced during Linda’s detox program were:

~Weight loss & healthier looking skin

~Much more energy

~Improved self-care both nutritionally and emotionally

I feel lighter from a physical stand point and that transcends into an emotional one because of the content of this program. I was able to get rid of a lot of weight (water weight, poundage AND emotional garbage).

Linda’s program is not only a program of information and tasty ideas ~ which it is. But, it is also filled with empathy, compassion and understanding. You can feel it every time you read something from her. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding that is both supportive and inspiring. Her kindness has helped me make some changes that my body and spirit have long been waiting for and I’m certain will be long lasting.

~Laura Clark, Hope Valley, Rhode Island

Great, I’d love to sign up!

During the ClearYou 21-Day Detox, you’ll:

Understand how your body cleanses itself  so that it can respond to the demands on it as well as threats of illness and infection

Learn effective ways to support your detoxification system, and keep it running smoothly all year long

Learn which foods cause inflammation and fatigue, and which ones impede weight loss – AND how to replace them with healthier, equally delicious choices

Begin to establish eating habits that you enjoy and that don’t feel like you’re always having to deprive yourself and give up all the things you love – habits that also will prevent chronic disease and slow the process of aging   

Learn to identify additional sources of toxicity in your environment and how to minimize its impact in your family’s life

Get really clear on how to finally make time for YOU, and space for more good to come into your life


So how does The ClearYou 21-Day Detox program work?

Daily Handouts and Easy to Use Templates – As soon as you register for the program, I’ll send you an overview of how the program works and what to expect, along with the Food and Recipe Guide, the Self-care Guide, a shopping list, and a self-assessment.   Along the way, you’ll receive my favorite templates for tracking your progress, and keeping notes along the way about your preferences, what works best for you, and things you’d like to add to your plan going forward.

Daily Emails
– Starting the next day, you will receive a series of 21 daily emails outlining your eating plan for that day, simple but effective self-care strategies, and additional action steps to take for maximum success.   You’ll also receive printable handouts that go more in-depth with background information and helpful tips on the topic you’re taking action on that day.

Weekly Podcasts -
You’ll receive weekly, downloadable mp3 files reviewing the previous week as well as tips for what to expect and the best ways to approach the week to come.   Welcome and final celebration podcasts are also included.    Transcripts for the podcasts will also be available for download.

Food Guide and Recipe Book
– You’ll also receive a guide with tips on how to make your detox a total success, do’s and don’ts for preparing foods to get the most possible benefit from them, and even which kitchen tools you’ll want to have handy (and where to find some of my personal faves if you don’t already have them).   And you’ll get my top 20 clean recipes designed to get you started and have you feeling inspired in the kitchen right off the bat.

Self-care Guide
– This booklet provides information on how to clean up your personal care routine, with easy recipes for fabulous, natural at-home facials, formulas for creating skin-loving cleansers, and other insider techniques to support you before, during and after the detox process.

Email Support
– Inevitably, questions may come up about certain foods or symptoms you may be experiencing during the program.  You’ll have the opportunity to email Linda with your concerns to get answers to your questions.

A Private ClearYou Breakthrough Session
 – During the detox, you’ll be able to schedule a private, 20 minute phone session with Linda where you’ll go over your detox experience and any concerns you have with moving forward after the program.

I’m ready for the ClearYou 21-Day Detox Program!

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