Weight Loss Breakthrough Session

Has losing weight been a challenge for you?

Is your current weight having a negative impact on your health?

Would you like to feel comfortable in your body and have more energy?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you’re not alone…Thousands of people just like you are thinking the same thing.

I’ve Decided To Help

I’ve created Weight Loss Breakthrough Sessions so you learn more about how to get to your ideal weight without struggling by:

  • Getting really clear on where you are now with your health and weight loss and what the ideal you looks and feels like
  • Identifying what your challenges around weight loss have been in the past and how to overcome them now
  • Understanding what might be sabotaging you, stopping you, or standing in your way to losing your excess weight

Whether you decide to work with me or not, you will leave the session feeling inspired, motivated, and with a clear plan to move forward towards your ideal weight and level of health

So go ahead and email me here or call this number now: 203.641.5628, if you have the above concerns and are ready to achieve better health. This session is only for those who are really ready and interested in releasing excess weight, increasing health, and improving quality of life.

Sign up today for this 30 minute session.  Investment is $97, but can be waived if you meet certain criteria.   Ask me now by contacting me below!  This phone call could change your life!

Call 203.641.5628 or email info@getreal4health.com to discuss your needs further and see if this is right for you.   Every day is one less day you move towards vibrant health so I look forward to your call today.