Through private coaching, you receive the valuable tools and strategies, food samples and recipes, and assignments you need.  We answer all your questions, set plans, and discuss completed action steps and challenges to help you successfully adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits.   Which of the following options suits you best?

The Fast Tracker’s Health Program

This six month program is for the super busy, high-achiever who takes a no-excuses approach to ensure that you stay on track with your health goals in the midst of your fast-paced life.  In this program, we schedule 4-50 minute calls per month to get you on track and keep you there; whether you’re in the middle of a deadline at work, need strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling, or want quick and easy meals to prepare ahead of time for the busy week ahead.

On the Path to Health Program

This option is for independent health warriors who want to take consistent action to assimilate food, exercise, and lifestyle ideas and suggestions while quickly tailoring them to your individual needs; and feel you don’t need to speak with me on a weekly basis to do this.  With this option, we schedule 2-50 minute calls per month to get you moving in the right direction and to work through any challenges or obstacles currently holding you back so that you can move towards better health in a more streamlined way than you would on your own.

The Healthy Maintenance Program

Created for graduates of at least 6 months of one of the other programs who feel they’ve laid the groundwork for moving forward with new, healthier habits and simply need occasional maintenance to keep them on track.

The 21-day ClearYou Detox

This mind, body, and spirit cleanse is designed to reset your eating habits using a food only dietary approach and incorporates strong self-care and behavioral strategies that allow you to tame your sugar habit, revitalize your complexion, kick-start stubborn weight-loss, and learn to appreciate food­ and life in a more meaningful way.

The 14-day ClearYou Detox

Created to give you results in less time, the eating plan for this 14-day cleanse includes supplemental support for the liver and digestion to safely eliminate toxins, and covers a holistic approach similar to the 21-day detox.~

Each program includes valuable health and nutrition handouts, lots of recipes and practical assignments, proven resources for boosting your energy, kicking your sugar cravings, making over recipes, addressing emotional eating, improving you mood, saving time in the kitchen, getting the most results from exercise in less time, and so much more.  Clients just starting out take a minimum of 6 months of working together to apply all the steps and very quickly begin to see and feel the results when they take action.