tammytI have been working with Linda for several months now and she has helped me make positive changes in my eating and overall health. I was interested in doing a detox to further my wellness and she recommended a 28-day program.  I started the detox at the beginning of May and I was committed to doing this right from the start even though I was not completely sure if I could make the 28 days. I was a little nervous to see if I could get through the first week. All the information Linda provided was terrific.  She sent daily emails to keep me motivated and to let me know what action steps I should take on a particular day. She also provided a self -care handout to help with taking care of myself in other ways. The first week was a breeze as I had already spent the last several months getting rid of certain foods from my diet. The second and third week were a bit tougher as I was only allowed to stick to certain foods.   I was never at all hungry through this entire detox. By the last week of the detox I was excited to add back certain foods but interestingly enough did not really go back to some of them because I felt so great being off them. I did not add back wheat ,  dairy, and corn and kept my sugar to a minimum. During the program,  I was less bloated, lost five pounds and slept the best I have in years.  My skin improved and I rarely get hives from food now. I did learn even more about my eating habits and how to improve them. This was honestly an awesome experience. There are many detox programs out there. I personally wanted to do one under the supervision of someone who had knowledge about them and could support me through it. Linda did this for me. It was a huge sense of accomplishment for me and I plan on doing them twice a year going forward. One of the main things I have learned from this is that what I eat can really, really affect my health. I now know what foods to stay away from and which ones are good for me. I also learned how important it is to take care of myself and not feel guilty about it!  ~Tammy Tefft, Simsbury, CT


Family white shirtssmallI completed the 14 Day Detox with Get Real 4 Health feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! My results were fantastic- I lost 5 pounds and several inches, including 2 1/2 inches of belly fat!

I admit, that the first couple of days were hard- giving up sugar, caffeine and alcohol. But as the days went on, my sugar cravings subsided and i enjoyed loading up on fresh veggies and fish.  I was never hungry.

I liked the “holistic approach” of the detox, which included meditations, journaling, and lots of self-care. Linda provided support and encouragement through daily emails. She helped me to slowly add items back into my diet so that I could detect any food sensitivities. Plus my skin is glowing!

I highly recommend this detox because it’s fairly easy to do and produces results. I’ve embraced a healthier diet and encourage you to talk to Linda to get yourself on the right track. ~Lisa Bonner, Suffield, CT


Laura ClarkBefore working with Linda, I was in need of a complete remake of my nutritional habits. I was lethargic and felt like an uber-blob. I felt bloated in my face and my abdomen all the time.

I chose to work with Linda’s detox program at first to plunge into a better way of eating. What I didn’t know is that I would get so much more than just how to eat better. Her program allowed me to take a long, hard look at my emotions around eating and address these at the same time.

The three most significant improvements I experienced during Linda’s detox program were:

~Weight loss & healthier looking skin

~Much more energy

~Improved self-care both nutritionally and emotionally

I feel lighter from a physical stand point and that transcends into an emotional one because of the content of this program. I was able to get rid of a lot of weight (water weight, poundage AND emotional garbage).

Linda’s program is not only a program of information and tasty ideas ~ which it is. But, it is also filled with empathy, compassion and understanding. You can feel it every time you read something from her. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding that is both supportive and inspiring. Her kindness has helped me make some changes that my body and spirit have long been waiting for and I’m certain will be long lasting.  ~Laura Clark, Hope Valley, Rhode Island


I worked with Linda on the three week detox in October and I have to say it was a very rewarding experience.  The first few days were very difficult but after a week passed, my energy started to increase with no coffee or processed foods.  I have trouble sleeping at times and after being on the detox I was able to get a very restful night’s sleep.  It has been a month now since I was on the program and I’m down to a half a cup of coffee a day and very little sugar.  I also each much more fruits and vegetables and feel Great!   The banana ice cream was fantastic!   ~Paul Delskey,   Somers, CT


tracyI’ve followed Linda’s blog and newsletter for a long time and always appreciated her inspiration on healthy eating and lifestyle but have to admit I didn’t actually DO a whole lot about it. This last year was a bit of a crazy, stressful one for me and I found myself being drawn to new (to me) ways of healing or nurturing myself such as meditation but I still I felt sluggish and knew that my eating habits were contributing to my general malaise and low energy levels.

One day I received Linda’s newsletter by email and in it she referred to detoxing and the benefits. This time I replied to her right away and asked her to help me get on track. Am I ever glad I did!

Linda’s advice for me was to do the 28 day detox, something my friends and family were all impressed with but said they couldn’t imagine being successful at sticking to it and probably secretly thought I wouldn’t last either. It wasn’t easy but the program clearly spelled out the process and gave me some really great recipes and with Linda’s coaching I got through the 4 weeks and learned a lot about why she is so passionate about what she does.

28 days may seem a bit intimidating but had I done a shorter detox program I would never have been able to rewire my habits.  I lost those last few pesky pounds that make all my clothes fit a little too snugly but that wasn’t the main goal or most important lesson learned.  I felt great when I was done. Not quite leaping tall buildings, super-hero great – I was sleeping better and had a bit more energy but I was just wonderfully peaceful and centered. That was certainly NOT what I went looking for but what a spectacular bonus!

Freeing your system of toxins also meant releasing stress and negative emotions stored in the body. It really does work! Doing the program pushed me to be more creative with my cooking/food preparation and I find myself making much healthier choices naturally now and reading labels has become a habit. A shorter program would NOT have made a real, long term difference in my behavior patterns.

Reintroducing foods that were off limits during the detox has been an interesting process. Things I used to eat no longer make me feel good or in some cases aren’t even attractive. The first time I had pizza again was probably the last time I’ll consume standard pizza chain fare as I instantly felt bloated, tired and had a mild headache. I am now ultra-careful about wheat consumption.

Since I finished the program I’ve had good days and bad days at sticking with my new habits but in the end I return to what I learned in that 28 days. I just feel SO MUCH BETTER when I eat properly. Most importantly – I couldn’t have done this on my own. Linda’s support and encouragement made all the difference and being accountable to someone certainly doesn’t hurt. There were times I wanted to cheat but I wasn’t going to let both of us down so I stuck to it. ~ Tracy Nash, Salmon Arm, BC

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