How to spray a cleaner cooking oil


There are a number of different spray cooking oils on the market today that are convenient because they allow you to spread a fine mist of oil in your pans and they make greasing things like muffin tins a snap.

This is why I wanted to let you know about some great spray bottles from Misto. How do they work? The cap doubles as a hand pump that you operate to increase the air pressure in the bottle before spraying. The bottles come in aluminum, stainless, or glass, shown in the picture.

Why do I like these bottles?

* They eliminate waste – No more throwing aerosol cans in landfills since they can be used over and over again.

* They use a natural propellant – If you notice on the cans of most spray oils, they contain something simply listed as ‘propellant.’ If you look at the Material Safety Data Sheet for Pam Cooking Spray, you’ll see that it’s actually made up of isobutane, propane, and butane. I wouldn’t want to spray that on vegetables that I’m grilling (for example). With the Misto bottles, the propellant is air.

* They’re versatile – They’re not limited to oil. They can be used for vinegar, clear salad dressings, thin marinades, or anything else you might want to apply by spraying. And you have control over the quality of oil or other ingredients you use.

* They promote exercise – I’ve mentioned in the past that anything that gets you using your muscles in the kitchen, like chopping, grating, peeling, etc., is a good thing. Here’s just one more way to get a bit of a workout in the kitchen . : )

They can be found on sites like Amazon or at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  They range from $10-$20.